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Hey New Vet! Let's prep for your first job. (Part 1/3)

It is your first day of work. What the heck do you do to prepare?! I wish it was as easy as cuddling this cute pup because it can be downright daunting.

Let us put it this can never be fully prepared for the transition from student to vet. It sounds simple, but the best thing you can do is to "get your mind right" for the first day. Anxiety and stress are only going to hinder your progress.

Get a good night's sleep so you can arrive fresh, with a positive attitude and a smile every day. I use Mary Ruth's nighttime liquid mineral and reading 30 minutes before bed to get me to sleep easier. It helps to have a night time routine that allows you to unwind thirty minutes before bed because a consistent bed time and sleep schedule are crucial. "All nighters" are no longer needed in the real world! I know this can all seem super cheesy, but I promise it works.

Smiling is a known way to improve your mood, and it will help attract coworkers to you to help you through these tough first few days. Your staff will be your life raft during your first month on the job. This is even true as an experienced veterinarian. Always treat your staff with respect, and be kind. We all get stressed on the job, so you want to actively work to prevent your stress from showing in ways that are negative. This can manifest in ways such as not helping when needed, responding back in short responses, or coming across as micro-managing. Trust your staff, and work to build good report with them. It makes all the difference because our patients need a strong team behind the scenes.

Try to have fun with the process of being "new" and know that we all struggle sometimes...even many years out. I promise staying positive will help, and don't forget to have fun with it! You are just getting started on your doctor journey, and you have worked SO hard to get here. Never forget the basics because staying refreshed, positive, and smiling will get you through...we promise.

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