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Dressing the Part as a Veterinarian

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Graduation is around the corner, friends. First job is nailed down... And as the OCD, organized vet student that we know you are, we are sure you are preparing for your first week as a veterinarian as much as you possibly can. Well, let us help! Preparation for your first week will ease a lot of your anxiety and make those first day jitters a little less, well, "jittery!"

We have 4 tips for you to help get your wardrobe together for your first day of work.


Tip #1: Ask your future employer for the employee handbook to read over the dress code.

Every job will have a basic recommendation on work attire. Some will have stricter guidelines than others. Our first job was very strict...down to the tattoo, piercing, and nail color requirements. It is important to know all of this stuff so you can be sure to plan ahead. It also gives you time to budget and shop for your attire because it can get expensive. See tip #3 for some of our budget friendly tips!


Tip #2: Order your scrubs and lab coats early.

Many employers will have a company they use that will order and embroider for you. Oftentimes it can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks to get your embroidered finished product, so getting on this early ensures they arrive ahead of time.


Tip #3: Order comfortable, but professional clothes.

Ladies and gents, when choosing your work attire...remember that you are going to be sitting, standing, bending over, etc. throughout your day. It is important that your clothes feel good and are not too tight or too loose. One of our favorites are elastic waist band pants that feel like yoga pants. We have found some great ones through Spanx, Athleta, and here. The last thing you want to do is have your underwear (bye-bye whale tail) or butt crack hanging out of your pants for your client to see as you are examining your patient. #nothanks

The other thing to remember is that you do not need to break the bank in purchasing your wardrobe...especially considering the amount of nasty things we come in contact with each day (anal glands, hair, unknown bodily get it!). We often find great professional looking clothes on sale at Banana Republic, J. Crew, T.J. Maxx, and outlets. You can also get lucky at thrift stores too by routine perusing. We like stripes/patterns and darker colors that can hide the infinite amount of stains that may occur throughout the day. A lint roller will keep you clean between appointments as well.

Lastly, shoes and socks! You want to be comfortable on your feet. We have found that Bobs by Skechers has some great shoes with memory foam and super cute patterns that your clients will LOVE! Other options we love are Dansko clogs, nice looking athletic shoes, and Rothy's. Compression socks will also be a game changer to rock on your surgery or busy emergency days when you are on your feet all day. They really make a big difference in helping you feel better.


Tip #4: Get AWESOME scrubs!

Ashley is wearing the Medelita Horizon top and and Pixel pants in gray, size small.

Fit true to size.

You will thank yourself. You no longer need to suffer through wearing scratchy, boxy, or unflattering scrub wear. Now, there are SO many cute options out there. Currently, we are obsessed with all things Medelita! Ashley is modeling them at the top of the blog, and Monica will be featured next week in our giveaway rocking her cute pair. They have the best details from colorful drawstrings to flattering shapes. The fabric is moisture wicking, antimicrobial, resists odors, and doesn't shrink. We highly recommend this brand and feel so put together when we rock them.

Use our discount code 'VETSONTHERISE20' for 20% off your first order.

Next week, Monica will be sporting the Medelita Vista top and and Helio jogger pants in navy blue, size x-small. We will be posting her photos on 4/24 for a Medelita scrub GIVEAWAY with ONE lucky winner getting your choice of a super cute pair of scrubs. Keep an eye out on our Instagram for entry details.


Happy shopping, friends!

Ashley and Monica

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