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Your GP handbook is here.

Our book New Vet Jumpstart Guide is out and people can't stop talking about it!


Once you leave vet school, you quickly realize that real life practice can be A LOT different than what you saw in vet school. The real world brings a whole new set of problems that many new grads had no idea even existed!


In our book, we show you how to navigate 20 common GP cases, avoid classic pitfalls, provide simple and effective treatment plans, communication plans, and more to help set you up for success in your practice.


Learn more below! 


What is in this book?

This book covers 20 common GP cases that MOST veterinarians will struggle with when they first get out!  We take you through a quick disease overview, common scenarios new vets may not expect to occur, client communication checklists, and more. 

We also have a quick reference section in the front of the book with things like vaccine reaction treatments, CRI calculations, and more.  Lastly, there is a lined 'notes section' at the end of each chapter, which allows you to write down your own notes on cases.


What are people's favorite parts in the book? 

The client communication boxes that people often forget, the practical treatment plan for nearly every scenario you can think of, the quick reference section in the front of the book for how to treat things like vaccine reactions, and our special 'notes' section in each chapter for you to take your own notes are all favorites.

Is this a quick reference book?

Yes and no. You will find some sections are quick and easy to read, but other sections you will want to take the time to read on your own to really digest.

Is this book just for new vets?

No!! This book is for everyone. In fact, we find that vet students, new grads, and experienced vets all love it and find value in it! 


How did you price this book?

We priced this book at about $3.50/case, which we felt was fair! This comes out to about $75 USD for the book.  

Where can we buy?

Our book can be found on Barnes and Noble and Amazon.  For our international students, Barnes and Noble has often had the best rate! 

Why can I only find it as a paperback?

As of right now, we are only planning on offering it as a paperback, but we will let you know if that changes. Part of the purpose of this book was to allow our readers a book that is a great resource but that they can also 'make their own' with their own notes on cases, tips, etc. Because of that, there are lined note pages for you to write on all throughout our book. We have found that in practice this really helps give you the greatest advantage when things are all in one place.

Do you ever run specials?

We do! We have promo codes that we list every now and then. Be sure to join our email list to stay up to date on them!


Image by engin akyurt

M.  Dorsey, DVM

This BOOK IS A GAMECHANGER.  Some of the stuff in here, I have never heard of like the G.D.S.E method for calcium oxalate formers!! CanNOT believe it!! Will be using this right away!

K. Malcott, DVM

Useful from page 1  when they give me the 2.5% dextrose solution that I always have to look up how to make!  Even as a vet that's been out of school for 6 years I know I will use this all the time!!

J. Gibson, DVM

Carrying this around with me everywhere I go now in the clinic. I can give it a quick glance before talking to owners and remember exact points to hit for success on these cases. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

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