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New Vet Resources

Being a new veterinarian is hard.

We know that.


That's why we created the below resources to help new veterinarians like you succeed no matter where your are in this journey.


Our goal is to make your new veterinarian experience easier, better, and less stressful.


Check out what we have to offer you below! 

Typing on a Computer

Your Free PDF Covering

3 Common General Practice Cases

This is an exclusive PDF that is FREE, and we do not know how much longer it will be available!


All you have to do to get it is subscribe on our website, and it is automatically sent to your inbox! You will also get our weekly newsletter.


New Vet Jumpstart Guide Book

Practical approach to 20 common GP Cases

This book is based off of Monica's 'nerdbook' that she created for herself when just starting out as a vet.


Each of these cases has OUR practical approach, client communication tips, plus tons of treatment plans for 20 of the most common GP cases you will see no matter where you practice.

There is nothing like this on the market! 

Coffee and Work

The New Vet Essentials

Online Course

This is our 5 week signature online course combined with group mentorship.


Whether you are at the top of your class or the bottom, it doesn't matter. Your first year out as a new vet will be one of the most difficult years of your career.


Trust us when we say that vet school did not prepare you for it.

In our course, we combine group mentorship with PROVEN formulas that EVERY VET NEEDS TO KNOW to manage cases like a superstar. 


We touch on some of our methods for mastery on social media, but we save our best stuff for those who take this course! 


This course will have limited spots to allow us to work with our groups more closely and is first come first serve every 6-8 weeks.


**First class is already booked and launched for May 3. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the know for our next group. 

*A free pdf is automatically sent to your inbox when you subscribe above*

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