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We teach new vets the stuff you never learned in vet school.

(But will really wish you had.)

Hi! We are  Dr. Ashley Gray and Dr. Monica Tarantino. Veterinarians, Mentors, and Fellow vet champions.

Here's the thing...
Veterinary school did not teach you everything you need to know.
You will quickly realize that as soon as you start practicing.
It took us years to figure out how to apply medicine and communicate well to truly thrive in this field and in our practice.
And now we have systems that are SO SIMPLE AND CLEAR that we cannot WAIT to share with every new vet out there!
Look, the truth is that there is NO need to struggle on your own.
Check out our resources, book, blogs, and mentorship opportunities.  Join our Vets on the Rise community to learn how you can go from struggling vet to thriving vet. 
No matter where you are in your journey...
Your future in veterinary medicine is bright.  Let us guide you.

Have you purchased our New Vet Jumpstart Guide ER book in 2023?

We have a few edits and updates here! Check them out.


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We cannot WAIT to get this in your hands!

Your mentor is M.I.A.? No problem! Use our NEW VET JUMPSTART GUIDE books to answer all your questions. 


Think of this book as mentorship from the two of us in a book form!

This book is based off of Monica's 'nerdbook' that she created for herself when just starting out as a vet.


Each of these cases has OUR practical approach, client communication tips, plus tons of treatment plans for 20 of the most common ER cases you will see no matter where you practice! We also have a GP version for you!

There is nothing like this on the market! LEARN MORE HERE.

Blog Posts

Our Blog


Our blog sharing behind the scenes on being a veterinarian!

Learn what actually happens when you're a practicing veterinarian.
We're talking about ALL of it. The good, the bad, the ugly... what has worked for us and what has not!

When we entered this profession, it felt like no one really talked about the real issues we face as vets.  No longer. We're spearheading these topics with our fellow vets and sharing all of the tips we can in the blog. 

Latest Blogs

Gradient Ocean

"I'm worried about not knowing what I’m doing and having to communicate and express to the owners everything that is going on. We don’t have enough communication practice in school and that was a big transition for me to learn."


—  Anonymous

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