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What are we up to!?

Have we peaked your curiosity yet? We are SO excited you are here to learn more about what our company has to offer you. We created VETS on the Rise with veterinary students and recent graduates on the forefront of our minds. Everything has completely changed with COVID, and it got both of our wheels turning. We cannot imagine how anxious or nervous you feel about your future. Do not worry, as we have been actively listening to what you have to say and are here to help!

With the transition to online learning, all of our hard work behind the scenes has been focused on building an interactive program with you as the sole focus. We want to help you transition seamlessly from student to professional. Our goal is to take our combined 12+ years of experience and get you day one ready.

We are both extremely passionate about mentorship and have both worked closely with externs and interns since graduating in 2014. Think of our programs as your internship experience, and we are your virtual mentors. If you have not joined our email list already...what are you waiting for? We cannot wait to send you more information soon once our first program launches. In the mean time, follow us on instagram to get to know us and what we are all about.

Ashley and Monica

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