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Committing to Fix Vet Med

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

This past week our social media has blown up with news of the loss of more veterinarians. More members of our beloved community. More of us.

Our hearts are broken for our colleagues and for our community who repeatedly are being asked to look within ourselves, our practices, and our work cultures, and ask...

How have we gotten here, and how do we fix this? Permanently.

Recognition is no longer enough.

It seems over the past year that our industry as a whole is finally starting to realize what is happening. Yet, even though industry stakeholders such as practice owners, corporations, fellow vet staff, and OURSELVES have started recognizing it, not enough are actually DOING something about it or DOING ENOUGH about it. We are sick of it.

What We Can Commit to as a Community

We don't pretend to have all of the answers, but we are recommitting to the following 5 things. We ask our VOTR Family to commit to these things with us.

  • Commit to yourself. And to giving yourself what you need. Not just going through the motions of it. Take care of yourself and your time fiercely. Fight for your mental health, physical health, and emotional health, just like you do for your patients.

  • Commit to discussing the need for change loudly with peers and through any platform you feel comfortable doing so in.

  • Commit to supporting others: our peers, fellow veterinarians, colleagues, and support staff. Help and look out for them the best you can.

  • Commit to sharing these ideas for change in the industry more openly and call on industry stakeholders, practice owners, and even fellow veterinarians to start taking action on them. We need them to commit, not just communicate about it.

  • Commit to taking the actions needed to make the changes above. Have discussions with industry stakeholders and with one another so that we can all work together to actively implement change.

Though not enough has changed yet... We are still hopeful.

We started Vets on the Rise a year ago when we realized that our fellow vets needed help, especially new graduates. New grads will always be a focus of ours, but as we have evolved over the past year we have recognized our focus is truly on the struggle that ALL vets of any experience level face.

Because whether new or old, together we face the same struggles of burnout, mental health issues, imposter syndrome, poor hospital management, long hours, student loans, pay gaps, and more. The good news is that we have each of you: strong, intelligent, resourceful, and capable. There is no one else we would rather have by our side in this journey to changing the face of vet med. The future is US!

Our Commitment this Week

While our community is in a state of reflection, Vets on the Rise will be donating 20% of proceeds from sales of our book New Vet Jumpstart Guide from this week to the non profit Not One More Vet.

If you have been waiting to buy and looking for a good cause, now is the time. Help us spread the word! Our book can be found here and here. In the meantime, our promise to you is to never stop trying to make the experience better for you in vet med. We love you and are here for you, VOTR Family.

- Monica and Ashley


Resources should you ever need them:

Not One More Vet:

Suicide Prevention Line:

Veterinary Mental Health, Support, and Resiliency Group:


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